Saturday, December 16, 2006

Our new Christmas Gift from Mom




This is the rug we chose!

I don't think there are words to express our thanks to Cheryl's mother for paying for us to get a new floor put in. It's like a whole new house and I am just thankful for it. God really does work in mysterious ways. I pray everyday for a lot of things and for a lot of people, but I don't usually pray for things for my house. I am thankful that we have a house to live in. But I feel as though we have been given a gift not just from Mom, but from God as well.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous floor. I bet you are just beside yourself with joy. God always provides, doesn't He? Congrats, this was well deserved after all that your family has been dealing with.

Judy said...

Lovely, just lovely.

momtothreeboys said...

That looks fantastic! I love it. I totally want to get rid of our carpet and get laminate. Yay!

Rae said...

wow wendy those look great! and Gillian looks beautiful!
Huge hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Nice floor ... I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Nice floor ... I'm jealous.