Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just me and my girl......

Oh how I love this child! The summer slowly creeps by, school waiting to steal her from me. But for now, she's all mine! We are having such fun this summer. And while she is at playground, Gillian and I have been having some Mom and me time too, before school steals her back. 11th grade seeking this year. And next Tuesday, she will be taking her permit to drive test. Already? It seems like just yesterday, she was being whisked away onto that big yellow school bus...but until September.....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Lovin"

This is going to be Katie's fist day of school outfit! I got this great iron on and then had Kate from Monkeysbug make us the shirt with the capri's! I thought it came out so cute.

Isn't this the most adorable outfit? You have to head over to Everything But The Princess and pick up some great deals. Last year I bought a cute outfit from Room Seven through this site and there was an issue with it. The site owner fixed it quickly and I have been a loyal customer ever since. Well, I just bought another outfit, but still. I love this site and the sales just blow me away. This is an outfit from Mim Pi which is new to us. Runs a tad small, but will get us through the summer.

So, to finance all this, I have been listing like crazy and was able to sell quite a bit of last year's stuff in order to finance this years stuff. I had a great credit saved up at Mini Boden so I was able to pick up some cute stuff there too. Unfortunately, the pants aren't going to fit us this year as Katie is between sizes, so I stuck to skirts and shirts.

Now, onto more important stuff! Gillian is going to be 16 in a couple of weeks. She doesn't want a party, she just wants to go and get her permit! I am going to be teaching my baby how to drive soon. I can't believe it. Can you all believe that some of her friends are getting cars for their 16th birthday's? I am just shocked! I guess I shouldn't be, but what 16 year old needs their own car? Of course Gillian would answer "ME"! She is saving for a car, but she has no clue about insurance and all the other stuff that comes with cars. I am trying to adjust to giving her more freedom and sometimes it works, sometimes it backfires. We are all learning. I just wish that I could shop for cute clothes for her, but she definately has her own style so we just go and she picks out what she wants. She also is in a no pictures of me stage...but I will get her when I can. Trust me!

Cheryl is still working her butt off so we can pay the bills and keep us clothed, fed and gas in the car. I am still not working, but that might change when Katie starts school. I am contemplating putting my name in to sub, but not sure that I can do it. We'll have to see. I still haven't written Seminary off either, I just don't know what to do. I guess I am having a mid life crisis!

Well, that is it for now. More later....

Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer Pics

Here is a sampling of our summer so far. Gillian has decided that she doesn't like to have her picture taken these days so it's rare that I get one! More to come!

Relaxing at the beach! And if you love the dress, head over to Etsy and check out MonkeysBug's shop! She made the pattern for this dress (and made the dress too!)

Katie with Alice from Alice In Wonderland as we walked down storybook Lane at EFWS!

Gillian and her friend, Mama and Katie all ready to get on the Bumper Cars at Enchanted Forest Water Safari! We had a great time!

Getting ready to swing!

Ballet Beauty! Hopefully I will be able to scan in the professional pics!

I love the sprinkler!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bad, Bad Blogger!

Sorry everyone. I have been so busy, I feel as though I have lost my mind. Right now, I am up waiting for Gillian to get home from being out late for the first time with her friends. So, I thought I would take the time to update you all....

Gillian - will be 16 in less than a month! She is already looking forward to getting her permit and starting to learn how to drive! Me, I am not so much looking forward to it. I really wanted to give her a Sweet 16 party, but she doesn't want one. I think we might get her the PS2 with DDR since that is what she has been craving lately. Mostly, she just wants to learn how to drive. She passed all her classes including her Regents! For those of you who know the struggles that she has been through know what a major accomplishment this is...WTG to Gillian. She is also working, scooping ice cream at a local ice cream shop and enjoying her summer. Seems we haven't had a night or weekend off in forever! I just can't tell you all how proud I am of my girl!

Katie - Starts playground tomorrow morning and will be there until mid-July when she will then take a week of VBS and then home for the week before school starts! Kindergarten no less. I am working on getting her wardrobe up to snuff for know me...all bows and matching tights! I have quite a lot saved up in credit at Mini Boden, but pants are going to be an issue this year, so I am getting a couple of skirts and lots of shirts to put with jeans. I actually had her go through the catalog and pick out what she wanted. She went for the skirts and tights! I am busy going through all her clothes to see what fits. Denise DeMarchis over at Matilda Jane Clothing has some cute summer dresses that have been perfect for the hot summer days and I am hoping the winter dresses we have will still fit this year. I managed to get some Hanna's in 120, so after we find some pants to fit, we'll be set. Now, onto Katie...she "graduated" from Pre-K and is now ready for Kindy! I can't wait to see her get on that bus and hear all about her first day! She had her T-Ball games but was more interested in talking with her friends on base. She also had her Dance Recital (pics to come) that was just so dang cute. I loved it all. She's taking Jazz and Ballet this summer so we'll still be busy!

Cheryl - took this past week off (we were supposed to go to a family reunion, but a caving entry way took care of that for us). We did end up going to a local water park and had a great time. I have some great pics of the girls that I need to put up. We went to friends of ours yesterday as their son and daughter were graduating and had such a nice time. Then we ended the "vacation" by heading to Lake Ontario today and swimming and hanging at the beach! I don't want Cheryl to head back to work, but someone has to make the money to pay the bills!

Wendy - Same ol stuff. I thought I was having a heart attack the other night but a quick trip to Urgent Care and I was dx'd with some muscle spasm's in my chest area. Whew. I thought it was anxiety, but I did something to my arm and it radiated up to my chest wall. I still have my good days and bad and just try to get through.

I will try and get some pics up tomorrow or Tuesday while Katie is at playground. We've played and had fun!