Friday, August 29, 2008

Another rainy day

Lots going on in the house, nothing I really want to write about. I feel physically done in for. The new pain meds I am on make me really drowsy and groggy. I did sew for a bit yesterday, which helped a lot to get me going. I started out making Katie a skirt out of charm packs and quickly realized that I didn't have enough, so together, Katie and I put together a quick little quilt that we are going to send to Katie's friend Abby that just moved to K.Y. It turned out really cute and as soon as the binding is on, I will send a pic. I also have to go and get some more pink thread to finish Katie's quilt. I went through my stash and have so many projects in front of me, that I think I will spend my time with the kids in school sewing and trying to refine my technique.

So, speaking of school, I am not trying to think about it. I can't stand the fact that Katie is going to be gone all day! But, I am trying really hard not to let her know that I am sad about it, because she is really excited, which is right where I want her to be!

And Gillian is excited to get another year under her high school belt. She is really looking forward to going to college, although she is really thinking about going to school here for 2 years before deciding where she'd like to be. Smart thinking on her part!

Well, that's today's update. Oh, has anyone been following those Democrats? What do you think about Obama and Biden?


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover.....

Is in a town near us! It's one of Katie's favorite shows and we promised her that we would take her to go and see it. So, we went today and she was just so mesmerized. We actually saw Didi and John and Katie just took it all in. Then she cried when I told her we had to leave. I mean, they were just working, and it was hot and well, we stayed...for a little while longer. Of course I forgot to bring the camera but I got some cell phone pics and I promised her that I would bring her back on Monday when the family comes home. Too bad it's an hour and a half away huh? Oh well, it will be worth it to see the family come home. BTW - if you are interested, just google EHM geneva NY and you can read all about it.

It really was cool seeing the house going up so fast. And watching them's so scripted in so many places. We can't wait to see if they put in the part that we watched them tape!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sweet 16

Today I gave birth to my first born daughter. After 27 hours of labor, 2 hours of pushing and an emergency C-Section, Gillian was born. It was an amazing, beautiful time. I remember it like it was yesterday. Gillian was 2 weeks overdue and I was admitted to the hospital to be induced. I went in on the 4th knowing that it could take several days for her to be born. I was induced at 7am on the 5th and at Noon, my water broke with meconium. Around 6PM, the major contractions started. I thought I would be able to handle them with no problem. Just breathe a little and voila! Well, at 10PM, I was begging for meds, epidural, ANYTHING and the nurse said I had to be at least 3CM's and refused to check me because the monitor wasn't really showing any contractions. Everytime I had a contraction I would sit up and mess up the tracing. The nurse finally came back at 3AM and checked me and said I was 6CM's and I could have an epidural. The MD came in and gave me the blessed epidural and I went to sleep until they woke me up at 6AM, checked me, declared me fully dialated with a lip. They had my start pushing, but the baby wasn't engaged. They did some kind of test and noticed that her oxygen was low and said I needed a c-section stat. So, everything started happening in a blur and the next thing I knew, Gillian was born. The whole time I was pregnant, I thought I was having a boy and all the sono's I had never showed the sex. So, when they said it was a girl, I was so, so surprised. They took her away because it was a crash section and after a while, brought her back to me in recovery. I remember holding her and thinking to myself, "OH my God, what have I done?" The enormity of the responsibilty that was handed to me in that baby was overwhelming. But from there on, we've been a team her and I. Learnig to breastfeed, potty training, traveling, just being together. So, it was only fitting that the first thing we did this morning was to head down to the DMV and apply for her learners permit! She passed the test the first time and we went to a parking lot so she could practice. She did much better than I thought, but we still have a way to go before we are ready to hit the open road.

So, to my darling daughter. Happy Sweet 16 sweetie! I love you!