Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shopping again

So, you might all be curious as to wear I am in my shopping expedition! I still love Hanna, but I have totally falled in love with Mini Boden! I bought the brown cords with the big pink polka dots to go with the peace and love shirt along with the brown shirt with the pink polka dot dog shirt! There are so many more that I want. And now that Boden has a great new referral program, I can refer people AND get some money to do it! I am loving that, especially since Katie decided that she wanted the Rainbow shirt and I have to figure out what to put with it!

We leave soon to travel down to the shopping mecca known as Woodbury Commons so that I can check out Oilily and hopefully find some good deals there. I am also interested in Off Saks Fifth Ave to see if they have any Lilly Pulitzer for ME! I am in need of a cute summer dress since I have lost all this weight....wait, what's that? I lost weight? You betcha! 20+ pounds and counting! Time to treat me to some new and funky clothes.

So, if you head over to Boden, you have to check out the boys, Holey Cow shirt. Cheryl says NO WAY! And I think it's WAY CUTE! You tell me what you think won't ya? If Cheryl wins then the shirt remains unbought, if I win, the it's going in the basket!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I really do love em.....

But my kids are driving me crazy today. Daughter number one thinks that I exsist to be her personal taxi driver and when I don't jump right up and drive her where she desperately needs to go, then I am a bad mother. ARGH! Today while I was driving her to karate, she had the audacity to sit in the car and tell me what a bad mother I was. She actually told me I had no pride! To which I said "You are absolutely right". "As your mother, I let you talk to me like a piece of crap on the street which shows you that I have no pride in myself". Things are going to be changing around here post haste. By letting her talk to me that way and not holding her accountable, she thinks that I have no pride in myself. So, look for some posts of me begging for support as I go through this tough time with daughter number one. She is going to be having a lot of consequences for her behavior, in fact this has already started. I would never let any adult talk to me this way, why on earth would I let a 15 year old?

And as far as daughter #2, whine, whine, whine! I can't stand the whine anymore. I told her the other day that my ears don't hear whine and that seems to help, but OMG do I just want to put ear plugs in or what? I took her to see the free movies today and we watched Nanny McPhee which I thought was really great. I think it was way over her head, but she insisted. It was either that or Curious George again and I didn't think I could take that again this week. I really wanted to see Flushed Away, but well, it's not about me is it? LOL!

And Cheryl continues to toil away at her job. I appreciate her working so that we can have all the things that most people take for granted. Our Hanna order arrived today and there was the cutest pink dot dress w/the opposite striped leggings and 4 out of 5 tights that we need for winter. Daughter number 2 should be all set.

One more shout out. I purchased my first Oilily from Little Luna Blue and was really disappointed. After talking with Anna, the owner, I am returning this one and she is sending me another one that she thinks I will like better. Wonderful customer service and cute, cute clothes. Visit her sometime would ya? And tell her I sent ya!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lazy, Hazy Summer days

Sorry, so sorry to make some of you worry. It's that dang medication that I was taking! Topamax for those of you who don't ever want to sink into the doldrums of depression! Other than losing weight, it is a HORRID drug. They actually call it DOPAMAX for short. Makes you forget what you want to say, hard word recall, etc. Just awful. When I saw the pain managment nurse on Friday and told her how depressed I was, she told me to go off of it and that I was sensitive to it. You think? Geesh!

Anyway, things are well with the family. I am looking forward to a trip down to a great outlet mall. Woodbury Commons has such great stores and I can't wait to shop! I am especially excited to go and just check out Dolce and Gabbana, Coach, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue, Burberry and Juicy Couture. But I can't wait to buy something at Oilily for Katie! I did buy her one shirt online and was so disappointed, but I know that they have such cute stuff at the store and I can hardly wait to get down there. We did some ordering from Hanna for Katie. Got her a new play all day dress for the winter, a dot one this time and tights to go with all her dresses. I must have picked up 7 or 8 dresses over the summer for her.

But what I am really excited about is that I am going to learn to sew! MIL is going to teach me when Katie starts back to school in the fall. I have joined a new group on e-bay where I am just amazed at the talent these women have! Someday it is my dream to be able to sew like them. I have already picked up one modeling job for Katie for someone who does custom work and hope to get some more for her. I really want to learn how to do some of those really fancy sets that they are selling! I love the ones with the appliques! If you ever get a chace to check it out, go to ebay and search for custome boutiqe clothes and just be amazed at the talent that is out there in this world.

I promise that I am back now. The depression is lifted. Now that I am off that dasterdly med, it is much better. Thanks for all of you checking in on me! Look for more posts and in the fall, start looking for some sewing!