Saturday, May 26, 2007

For The Beauty Of The Earth

And The Glory Of The GLory Of The Skies

Whenever our Iris's come out, they remind me of this hymn....aren't they just gorgeous. And when I am down, and when I think that there isn't anything in life to be grateful for, all I have to do is look outside my window and look at the blessing that God has bestowed upon our world....

I took these picutes today because the Iris's were just so beautiful and I just wanted to share them all with you! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Gillian was baptised and confirmed today. (Pictures to follow). It was one of the best days of my life. Gillian chose to be baptised by immersion and what a thrill it was to see. First of all, I was so happy that our interm pastor and good friend Rev. Dr. Kathleen Waters baptised Gillian. She baptised both of our girls! It was so thrilling to see Gillian enter the water and be submerged! Then be blessed by Kathleen! After a quick change, she joined her friends and was confirmed and now belongs to our church. The whole service was moving and emotional. Cheryl and I stood up as her parents and were presented with her candle, baptismal certificate and her engraved shell along with the parents of the 2 other teens who were baptised. Accepted just as we always are. It really was a day. An emotional, wonderful and beautiful day. Look for pictures tomorrow after I DL them!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

OK, I admit it.....

I am completely and totally addicted to Hanna Andersson clothes for Katie. Well, if they would fit me I would buy them for me too. If you have never receieved their catalog, then go here Hanna Andersson and you will fall in love with the clothes too. I especially love the play all day dresses and have grown a respectable collection through selling old clothes on e-bay and buying used ones! And then I found a friend who goes to the outlet store in Kittery ME. She brought me back $300 worth of clothes for a fraction of that! And they were cute, cute, cute things. There was even a play all day dress in there. Last time she came back with 2 pairs of pants. 1 leggings that I am still trying to find a match for and a pair of capri's that I have matched with not only a souvenir dress, but a play all day dress (that I scored for $2.25 on e-bay). Now, I am starting to branch out into the other cute clothes area's. I won my first Oilily today for a steal (note to self, shop on Saturday PM when no one else in on the computer) and am waiting to see if I won a Zoodles outfit. And I am able to do all this on my earnings from selling on e-bay and finding really good deals. I also find that setting a price and walking away from the computer and not engaging in bidding wars is best practice too.

I do think this "retail therapy" is because of 2 things. 1 is that I never had nice stuff growing up. I had one pair of pants that I bought myself and then my sister and I wore my mother's shirts. It wasn't until I was in college and able to make money that I bought myself stuff. But do I buy myself nice stuff now? Nope. Just the kids. And mainly just Katie cause Gillian wants to shop herself. She is 14 afterall. Anyway, the 2nd reason that I think I like to shop (and get really good deals) is because it helps me justify spending. Like the other day. I bought my mother a really nice sweater for Mother's Day. Got home and realized someone had put a size 14 kids sweater in the women's section. After a little research on e-bay, I realized that I might be able to make some money off this sweater. And I did. To the tune of $16! I am going to garge sales and thrift shops looking for deals to sell. Take the right picture, price it right and voila! A sale.

So, Hanna, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. And look as cute as a bug in a rug! I will post pictures as I take them to share with you. And entice you into going and buying some of these cute clothes yourselves. And if you have a problem with sizing...just ask me! LOL! Oh, and if you have some outgrown clothes, well you know who to call....JK!

Look out tomorrow for a post and hopefully some pictures from Gillian's baptism and confirmation. She is being baptised by immersion and then confirmed. I am very excited! It's a big day in my family.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another day

So, last night I was lying there awake thinking, "You know, it's about time I write a post about the good things that are happening in my life" Then this morning came and it was the same damn thing. Why can't I stop being depressed? I have 2 wonderful children and a partner that would walk on water for me. But I can't escape it. I have great friends who have gone above and beyond, yet, I can't escape it. Yes, I know. I need to go to counseling. I am a counselor, so I know that. We don't have the money.


Whew, that felt good. I don't know how to live without my own money. I have always taken care of myself and for a while Gillian too, since I was 16. Now I can't. I am trying to sell on e-bay, but it is so hard. If you sell, then you know how hard it is.

But mostly, I am mourining the loss of my ability to take care of myself financially. I am pissed off at the social security system who continues to make me PROVE that I am disabled. How much more proof do they need? I just wish that I could read their minds so that I could give them what they need. And all this waiting....we need the money NOW! We have been waiting for 5 years and I am TIRED.

Lest you think that Cheryl lives high on the hog while the rest of us way. She is the one who always goes without. Right now we are saving for a van. What will she get? My old car. Nothing new for her. I hate that she is always last. I hate that I am always last. I hate that someone has to be last.

And vacations? When is the last time you took one? Well, unless we go to my Grandparents camp, we don't get one. Oh yeah, we went to Cancun 2 years ago, but MIL paid for that...and I paid for it physically.

I am really sorry guys. You have all been there for me. But I need somewhere to get this all out. I hate not having my own money to spend. Cheryl will give me whatever I need, even if we don't have it. That's not the issue. The issue is that when I worked I had money that I could spend and not be accountable for how I spent it. I have lost that!

OK. I am going now. Enough feeling sorry for myself. I am going to try and start really looking at the positive. I have to if I am going to make it through life in a decent way. I know there are other's who have it much worse than me. I know that. I really do know that.

Thank you all for being here for me. I have the best friends anyone can ask for. I have the best partner a woman can ask for and my kids...well that goes without saying. They along with my partner are my my reason for life.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bad, bad blogger

I know. I have been bad. I have to come right out and admit that I have been seriously depressed. So depressed that it has affected my family and friends. I don't know when it started, but I imagine it was the surgery that threw me overboard. I didn't have a good outcome. I saw my surgeon last week and he is saying that he suspects that one of the screws or rods is pressing on a nerve and that is what is making my leg hurt so badly. I can barely drive, still have to walk with a cane and can't afford physical therapy. I also can no longer work. I am so, so depressed over the thought of giving up my career. I have been a social worker all my life and to hear the MD say that I will have to give that up has been the most depressing thing of all. I just can't sit for an hour at a time any more.

I have to believe that something good is coming my way. I have good friends who have helped us out and all of my blogging buddies have always been there for me/us. Financially we are getting by. But it's just one more frustration. One that seems to have Cheryl and I arguing more and more. I hate money. I hate not having enough and I hate that it controls my life so much.

I am putting my trust in God. He will provide. He always has.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Katie has a new tooth!

About 2 years ago Katie fell and chipped her tooth. Well, a few weeks ago, I noticed that the 2 teeth next to it were turning brown so I took her to the dentist where it was determined that she needed a pulpotomy and that the teeth next to the chipped one were just stained (WHEW!). SO, off we went to the dentist today and after determining that she didn't really need the pulpotomy, they put on a crown (I think that's what it's called) and she has a whole tooth again! Here she is with her cute 'ol self!