Sunday, February 21, 2010

Florida or bust!

Well, our trip began last Saturday at 6:00AM when we loaded up the kids into the car and took off from W. Palm Beach FL, in search of sunshine and warmer weather. We drove to Statesville N.C. the first night and stayed at a Courtyard by Marriott. The guy that checked us in practically peed himself when he realized we were family and even said that Gillian favored Cheryl. LOL! We got a good chuckle out of that.

So, quiz time...what was going on in Florida, on the East Coast at about 4PM? That would be correct, the Daytona 500. We were thankfully saved by a pot hole that I believe God put there just for us to get through the area and not hit traffic. We made it to Cheryl's sister's by 6:30PM and got ready to hunker down for the night. Katie freaked out when she saw palm tree's and Gillian was actually in a pretty good mood.

On Monday we went to the mall to pick up another air mattress for Gillian as the one we had, had a slow leak in it. They had a Naartjie store there and I had to shop there. I had never been on one and it was soooo cool. We got some errands done and just went back to the house to chill out and recover from the ride down.

On Tuesday, Cheryl's sister took the girls to a game place for the day and Cheryl and I went to Vero Beach to visit friends of ours from church who winter down there. We had a nice lunch and then went to the beach and walked in the sand and had some ice cream. Then we headed back South to Candi's (Cheryl's sister) and the older folks (Cheryl, Gillian and Candi) went to a movie and I stayed back with Katie and put her to bed and went to bed myself.

On Wednesday we went to the beach to have lunch with one of Cheryl's nephew and then went to Lion Safari, where we were treated to all kinds of animals wandering around our car. They had some rides that the kids went on and then we went back to Candi's before heading out to her friend's horse farm, where both Katie and Gillian rode Cheyanne. They loved it. Home for dinner and bed!

Got up early on Thursday to head to Sawgrass Recreational Park and went on one of the Everglade tours in those cool air boats. We saw one alligator sunning himself, but the rest, according to the guide were under water because it was so cold. Oh, did I mention that it never got above 70 the whole time we were there? BRRRRR! While at the Recreation park, the kids got to hold reptiles and other gross things. Lots of pics were taken, I just need to DL them here. Most of them were put up on Facebook.

On Friday we were up at the crack 'O dawn to trek home. It was a long ride. I am crippled, but we made it there and back. I can say in all honesty that I will never drive to FL again. Ever. When we were about 45 minutes from Candi's house the girls were so horrible that I turned around and yelled, "Keep your hands to yourself and shut the fuck up!" Then Cheryl started laughing.....but only until we started down Candi's street and there was this circle thing we had to go around in the middle of the road and she said, "Who the fuck puts circles in the middle of the road?" and this from a person who doesn't generally swear! LOL! I do have to say that I95 brought out quite a lot of swearing from my normally docile wife.

So, it was a fun trip and sunny. Just not as warm as I wished!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting moving!

I am having a hard, hard time getting moving today. I should be packing and I can't seem to function. I am tired and sore. I am just plain tired. I am going to go and take Katie to Grandma's and then go and return some pants that are too big, hopefully to get a smaller size and then go and drop Katie's swim form (well I lost the original, but going there to hopefully get a new one) at the YMCA. Then I am going to go and get Gillian from school where we will take off to go and visit one of her friends that is in the hospital. She has the same health issues as Gillian, although her surgery wasn't as effective as Gillian's, so she was in for another surgery. Then back to get Katie and home for dinner and getting packed.

I really want to go to FL, but getting there seems BIG! Here is to some energy that I need to get going and get Katie and myself packed as well as over see Gillian's packing. Make sure that everything gets done.

And of course my prescriptions need to get filled the day that we are coming home. UGH! Right now, all I can think of is WHY ME????

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hard winter!

Thank you Tracy for reminding me of my resolution. It has been such a hard winter and this was one of those things that have kind of gone by the wayside. And I have so much to write about. So, let me take them one by one!

* Gillian just got an awesome report card. Made high honor role and even got 2 100%'s! I couldn't be more proud. All of the comments on her card speak to how hard she works and what a pleasure she is to have in class. We are still waiting to hear back from college's and it's a pin's and needles kind of wait. I don't think it will be an issue for her to get in, but until she gets in.....we just wait. I can't imagine in my mind what it's going to be like with her gone to college. Sometimes I just don't think about it at all!

*Katie also got an excellent report card. She is above average on all her levels from reading to math and is also a hard worker. She, like her sister puts a lot of pressure on herself and we are working on the fact that it's OK to not be perfect. It's a hard lesson to be sure. She is going to be 7 in a few weeks and I have to just pinch myself to know that I am not living in a dream! 2 great kids. Who could be luckier!

* Cheryl stays busy taking care of everyone! She is working full time and teaching Sunday school. We are having a lot of fun in our relationship and it feels so good. That isn't to say that we don't have our moments, but parenting Katie feels a lot easier now that we've been through it once! We recently went to see Wicked! and it was great. It's nice to get out of the house now and again. So much of my time is spent in bed and in pain that to get out and enjoy time with my wife is nice. She is my rock for sure!

* Well, I am hanging in there. Some days are good and other's are bad. I am seriously considering Seminary again, something that I have come close to doing but something always stops me. Last time, Gillian got sick. Next year she is going to college and if I do the program in Rochester, it means I will be gone 1 night a week. And Katie has an issue if I am gone. I guess she would get used to it. I wonder if I can do the work. Today someone at church talked about being a hospital chaplain and I thought, "AHA!" "That is something that I can do!". It's a direction for sure.

So, life continues. We are heading for FL next week when the kids are out of school. Should be an interesting trip. Likely our last one as a family! All these lasts......

But lots of firsts too.....