Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Changes are a comin'

Well, I decided that I have all these feelings inside me and BIG changes are coming and I don't want them to get lost. So, what better way than to blog. So expect more blogs, more often, maybe 2 in a day!

Let me recap for you where we are! Cheryl is still working at as a Cytotechnologist at Upstate. We are so lucky that she has a job in this economy along with health insurance. It's not lost on me that we could be one of those who don't have insurance! Gillian is 17, getting ready to turn 18 and along with this means that she will be graduating in a couple of weeks. Katie is 7 and in first grade. She is very much looking forward to the summer and running around and playing with her friends. As for me, I still struggle with my health and different diagnoses. SO, you can see there is so much to write about.

Last night Gillian had her award ceremony. I was beyond proud when she won a excellence in Math award and a scholorship for her integrity and a leader for peace. She worked so hard this year to keep her grades up and will be heading off to UMass Amherst in the fall. SO much to write about! I keep thinking that everything she does is the last time she will be doing it....it's last award ceremony for High School, it's the last semester in High School. It's not lost on me that there will be a lot of new beginnings too, but I remember her the first day of Kindergarten and her little feet didn't even touch the floor when she sat at her place at the table. Gillian leaving is going to be interesting. I know that she will be coming back for holidays and visits, but it really is the first step to her leaving and her not being here daily will mean it's just the 3 of us. Of course I have the worries that all Mom's have about sending their babies to college. I have been trying to do less, and spurring her to do more so that she can learn how to make a MD appt, learn to use her health insurance card, etc. Life is such a learning experience and she is getting a crash course in it.

Katie will be moving to second grade next year. We finally discovered that she is lactose intolerant and has been having a much better time with her tummy aches. I pray that she doesn't go on to develop Ulcerative Colitis like Gillian. Keeping the prayers going that she doesn't develop it. Katie is just a creative and enjoyable little girl. She likes to play with her friends and has taken a shine to a little toddler that lives across the street and loves to "mother him"when they are outside. She desperately wants a little brother or sister, but that just isn't in the cards. She is going to be a fabulous mother someday!

As for me, I am again being tested for MS. I have a brain scan on Thursday which I think will be clear. I really think that my leg numbness and tingling is coming from the back surgery. The scan's don't show anything pinching, but I just don't think I have MS. I think the most frustrating symptom I have is word recall. It's scary as well. Just not being able to remember or recall an everday word is scary. I have been reading like crazy, mostly because I want to keep my mind sharp. I have also been quilting a lot more. I finished a wall hanging for Katie's Kindy teacher (never did get around to giving her end of the year gift...better late than never) that had me doing Prairie Points, which I have never done and I am sewing the binding onto a table runner for her teacher this year. I will take pics of both and upload them and show pics. I started to make Katie a dress out of a Jelly Roll (fabric strips), but didn't like the colors and decided to make a quilt instead. I am just making it up as I go, mostly just to get it ready to bind so I can pracice binding. I had forgotton how to do it because it has been so long since I last bound a quilt. After that one, then I am going to start on my Nephew's quilt. About 2 years ago he picked out fabrics that he wanted me to make a quilt with. I have about 5 quilts that need to be quilted, but it takes sooooo long on my machine. I think I am going to send them out to be done on a Long Arm and then bind them and then they are done! YEAH! My dream is to get a Long Arm and eventually make and sell quilts at craft shows (once I get talented enough that is)

OK, my arm and hand is cramping up so I am going to go. I am sure that there will be more soon. I have so much to write about.......like my upcoming trip to MA for Gillian's orientation, her graduation, etc.