Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On becoming a writer

SARK just came out with a new book,Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper that I got ahold of and it's really making me want to actually try and write. I go back and forth with this and usually think of good stuff to write while I am laying in bed at night. I went out and got a USB port to DL stuff to when I do write.

Medically things are still at a standstill with me. I have to go for a heart sono and a sleep study. There is no explaination of why I gained all the water weight that I did. I get so discouraged because I just get to a weight that I am happy about and then BOOM something like this happens.

I have some more cute pictures to upload to show you all the pretty outfits that I have accrued for Katie. I also learned how to make pants and because of that, I am in the process of making a PJ top to match the pants I made and a flannel set for Katie. I am also still quilting, having just made a quick quilt for Katie's dance teacher who just had a baby. I just need to put a few more stitches in to close it up.

Also, I found an awesome series of books that I have really gotten in to. The series is about a Episcopalian preist and his life. The author of the series is Jan Karon and the series is the Mitford Series. I am working on the second book called, A Light In The Window. There is just enough religion that is satisfies me, but not so much that it puts one off.

Anyway, that is the news from here. Look for more writing attempts as time goes on.