Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Has it really been that long since I have written? Sorry about that folks. Life has been incredibly stressful here. Let me fill you all in.

I think the last time I wrote, Gillian had had her 2nd surgery and was recovering from that. She had a difficult time in her recovery and was hospitalized twice for dehydration and pain. She has since had her 3rd and last (hopfully) surgery. This was her take down surgery where they reconnect her intestines and take down the ileostomy. She has done wonderfully with this surgery. I am still fighting with her to get her to drink and take her meds...it's the whole teen thing, if I don't feel it, I don't need it kind of thing. Along with thinking she knows everything! At any rate, we made it through that surgery and I am just exhausted.

Exhausted to the point where I have been sleeping about 15 hours a day. I have to get back into the doctors and find out what is going on. They think it might have something to do with elevated testosterone levels, but since I haven't been able to get myself to the MD to get the blood taken, I don't know.

Katie is doing great. She still loves school and is just whipping through. She is reading up a storm and adding and subtracting. She loves science and is going to participate in the science fair with her Mama. I love watching their relationship grow together. For those who were worried that they wouldn't bond because I was breastfeeding and staying home with her, well you worried for nothing. She has a very strong bond with her Mama. Sometimes, I will admit, that I feel jealous because they are so close and Katie prefers her Mama over me, it's plain to see. So, I am just trying to be happy for them and not be jealous.

I am still waiting for disability. I hate that system I tell ya. My back is worse than it ever was and I am still waiting for Comp to come through so that I can get my ankle repaired again. I am just tired of waiting for everyone to get their act together.

See, I knew why I stopped blogging....all I seem to do is whine.