Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Medical update

I want to thank every single person who has supported me through this medical journey that I have been on. The MRI was fine. It was more open than they led me to believe, and I could have done it with no valium. They gave me some glasses to wear and I tried to watch Ellen, but kept falling asleep. Finally, they had to ask me something and I asked them to take the glasses off since they were hurting my nose. And the whole time Cheryl was there holding my hand. Not once did she break contact with me. Thank you for that gift honey.

I have my inner ear/balance test today and then I go back to the as*hole MD on the 21st since I haven't heard back that they have been able to get me in to another neuro yet.

On another note, my new pain MD put me on Cymbalta and Lyrica and reduced me down to 2 o*ycontin, but wouldn't you guess it? My insurance won't cover the Cymbalta because I have to try some other drugs (like Lyrica) before they will approve this drug. Well, they also denied the Lyrica too so I don't really know what they want me to do. I am letting the MD's office and insurance duke it out, because to be honest, I can't deal with one more thing right now.

Our floors are going to be ripped up in the family room and kitchen today and our Christmas present from Santa is going to be put in. Beautiful hardwoods in both room. But in the meantime, I have to live in chaos....and today because of the test, I have to be off my Klonopin for 24 hours. Not a good day to do that, but one has to do what one has to do! This weekend we can put the house back to rights and put up the tree.

I have one little 3 year old who is VERY excited about the Christmas season. She can't wait for the tree to go up!


Anonymous said...

Hardwood floors! Durn it, I'm jealous.

Oh, and if you don't have a video camera, get one before the 25th ... it will be well worth it on those days where you think you just cannot bear to go on or get out of bed.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that your MRI went better than expected, that is great news. I do wish you had a new Neuro already, but it will happen.
Congrats on the new floors, you must share pictures when they are all in.=)
Take care of yourself, we are thinking of you.

Judy said...

Gads, I would love a good hardwood floor! Maybe Santa will bring one my way.....

Anonymous said...

glad you did well with the MRI, keep us posted on the results, I hope you get the meds and the new doctor issues worked out soon. Why if you have be sick do you have to deal with other crap too?? It sucks!!! Hang in there!! You'll love the hardwoods, we have them all through except in the den.

Rae said...

hey you
i'm so glad the MRI wasn't pure hell. And I'm glad your partner held your hand the whole time. That is just awesome. Hugs to the both of you. I hope the insurance gets worked out, we use Cymbalta here with great results. Don't know much about Lyrica but anything to get you off the opiates (as long as your life is still painfree/pain managable) Hugs to you sweet girl,