Sunday, December 31, 2006

I knew it

2 weeks ago I was compelled to go to my father's grave. Compelled I tell ya. Last night my mother called me to tell me that she heard that my Uncle Bob passed away 2 weeks ago. I just looked online and saw the obit and left a message for an Aunt that I probably saw the last time when my father died. But still, it's sad. I didn't know my uncle well, but I do remember that he looked just like my Dad. Just like him. So much so that I remember staring at him during my father's funeral. These things make me so sad. It's like history slipping away. So, next weekend, we (my sister, mother and I) are taking the kids and going out to visit my Uncle Dick and Aunt Phyllis before more history gets away from us. My father was one of 10 and now there are 8 left. That's enough to get some history flowing!

I miss my father so much. It gives me the shivers to think that somehow, somewhere I knew that something was going on.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to watch your own children grow and realize that the wick is burning short on the other end of the generation.

Rae said...

wow wendy that is eery. i'm glad your dad called you to him, he obviously needed some comfort, which you gave. I'm so sorry about your uncle.