Monday, January 11, 2010

Losing weight!

According to the Wii, I have lost 4 pounds. That was since it last weighed me 128 days ago, but recently I was at 124 and am down to 197! That is 7 pounds since the last time I was weighed at the MD last month! I am doing a happy dance and have to think that my decision to stop drinking soda and work out with the Wii has helped. I did some yoga today, but that really bothered my back. I did some work on my balancing and that seemed to be where I needed to be today. I am going to try and get to the Y tomorrow and walk the treadmill. I just have to remember to take it easy or I will pay for it later.

Cheryl and I talked and we agreed that I can't go into this with wanting to lose weight, but rather to be healthier. And that is what I really want. To be healthier. I am only going to gain weight back and be angry that I am depriving myself. Whoever gave me the tip to drink seltzer with flavor in it was a genius! That has worked for me really well.

So, I will be posting a lot about my journey to health. Last night our Sacred Circle met and had great discussion. I have some interesting home work to do for that for next month and I am really going to love it. I love going there. It's really a great group of women that I feel I have bonded to really well. I can talk with them about anything!

So, check back often for more updates. I am heading off to the sewing room to start working on Katie's sit upon for Girl Scouts. Shouldn't take me too long and with the new CD/Ipod player that Cheryl bought me for Christmas that plays excellently. I love the music coming out of there and when you play your Ipod on Shuffle you never know what you are going to hear!

I am still reading the Maximum Ride books by James Patterson. I am on The Final Warning. They are a great short read, more for teens, but I really like them. I have one more after this one and then a new one comes out in March. I need to make a dent on my piles upstairs. Too many books, too little time!

Till tomorrow!


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