Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love getting screwed....

So. My SSD end of the year forms come today and not only did they include the money my lawyer got, we were a couple of dollars over the limit of having my money be taxed. Now, I am hoping that because it clearly says on the sheet that X amount was for 2007 and X amount was for 2008 and then the rest was for 2009. I don't think that I should have to pay for money that I should have gotten in 2007 and 2008! I mean, I still had bills that I couldn't pay. I still have collection agencies calling because even though we took almost every single penny to repay bills that were just sitting there waiting to be paid, we won't have money to pay the IRS.

I hate money. There has to be a way for us to live without money. This is just so frustrating.

And you all know how I get just a little wigged out about traveling. Gillian and I leave on Friday for NYC. We are taking the train and then supposed to take the subway to Mitchell's apt. Gillian and I are both excited about spending time together and meeting Mitchell, but also a little nervous. I am just hoping that the weekend stay's relatively inexpensive. We are saving money like crazy to go to FL next month. We haven't had a vacation away since 2006 when we went to Cancun to celebrate MIL's 80th birthday. And she paid for that trip.

So we are driving from Syracuse NY to West Palm Beach and I am getting excited and also dreading it a little. I don't know how this body is going to hold up to a drive like that. We are going to have to try and make a little bed for me in the back so I can lay down. Both girls will be hooked up electronically so this should ease the pain. Wish me luck.

And last night I went into Katie's closet to get out the size 8 pants that I put away for when the 7's got too small and guess what? They were too small. The bright side is that I bought them from Mini Boden and they have a free return policy and they give me a credit for the entire amount that I spent on the pants. I wasn't going to get any spring, but Katie does need a bathing suit and some underwear (they have the best underwear for kids hands down) so I guess I will use my credit for that. I picked up a lot of 9's for next year during the warehouse sale, so I pulled them out and other than being a tad long, they fit fine. And I got a ton for summer this year, so I don't think I will have to get much other than a few neutral tee's and denim shorts!

This is so disjointed and random.....but that is how my mind is tonight. Sorry!


Jennie said...

You shouldn't have to pay 2009 taxes on 2008 and 2007 money, but it's possible that you'll have to file amended returns for those years to account for the money.

Good luck on your journey!

Amanda said...

can't wait to hear how the trip went.. what a unique situation :)