Saturday, August 26, 2006

At a loss for words

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been thinking about a way to blog about how angry I was that I was turned down for SSD. I was particularly angry with God. How could He, with His almighty power, not turn a miracle for me and my family? And then, a miracle did happen. The other day our family recieved a gift card for a substancial amount to a local grocery store from my dear friends over at my Queer moms group. They had all gotten together and sent our family this gift card. Enough by the way to feed our family for a month. And then another miracle. I had mentioned again to this group, that I had gotten a free $25 gift card to Lands End from the place where I accrue points when I do survey's. By the end of the day, one of the women from Queer mom's sent me another $25 GC to Land's End. Apparently, where she works offers GC from and she had one. She sent her's to me for Land's End. Soon, one of the women that she works with sent another $25 GC to Lands End. Katie will now have clothes to get her through the winter.

Now this same day, my friend Judy shows up at Cheryl's work with the biggest bin of size 5 clothes I have ever seen! Another miracle? Seems like it too me. Lots of jeans in this bin. By the end of the day, my Queer mom friend e-mails me and tells me that another woman and her sister have some more clothes that their 6&7 year old daughters have outgrown, so expect a shipment coming soon! I offered to pay for shipping and I get a "Nope, we'll do it throught he company!" As I am signing off, my Queer friend again sends me an e-mail that one of her colleage's has just gotten married and has some Target gift cards to offer up. This will take care of school supplies for Gillian.

By the end of the day, I had money to feed my family. Clothes to get Katie through the winter, other than boots and a winter coat! Gillian is also in need of the same, but with all this help, we should be able to pull together the money to pay for these! Oh, and some jammies for Katie. Hopefully we'll be able to get some of those from Target too! If any of you that read me, have any of these items and were going to donate them to The Salvation Army and want to pass them my way, I would be willing to pay postage!

So, in my anger at God, I got a very clear message. God does provide. I will never be able to thank my friends and Queer moms, Judy and especially Kim, who made all the GC happen. You have all restored my faith not just in myself, but in the world in general. You have all given so unselfishly of yourselves and I will forever be grateful.

Thank you all. From the bottom of my heart.

And blessed be to God, the Almighty and maker of miracles.


momtothreeboys said...

Yup, miracles DO happen!
You just never know when they'll happen!

Estelle said...

I've been on the receiving end of all that giving. It's amazing when people just open up and give from their hearts, never knowing what even ten dollars does to the person on the other end.
I'm glad you're getting the things you need.

mermaidgrrrl said...

It's wonderful that your mothers group gives you such amazing support and help. I hate being financially strapped - it sucks! Yay for jeans and new clothes shopping without stress :-)

Shelli said...

Indeed such a blessing.

I find moments like these retores my faith in people.

When we finally were able to adopt Malka, the world opened up their hearts and poured out such love, we're still in wonder at that...