Friday, August 18, 2006

Shopping with Gillian I love to shop, but we haven't had one extra penny to spend. Gillian has to spend all of her birthday and babysitting money on her school clothes this year and I feel so guilty! I always told myself that I would never do this to my kids....but I guess there really isn't any other option. And she seems to be OK with it.

Let me tell you how glad that I am that Gillian likes to wear "boy clothes" because the clothes that they have out there for girls (even little girls) are just horrid. If you can even call them clothes. Pants so tight and low that you can see butt crack. Shirts so tight and short that you can see bra and belly. Why? I just hate to see girls disrespect themselves so much. And while I was looking to see what they had for little girls (Katie is in a 4 already....and that's not a 4T, although some 4T fit) they are the same. What ever happened to cute little girl dresses? I did find some a Kohl's but they were too expensive. So, Katie has one pair of pants for the fall and my good friend Judy is coming down next week with her 5T bin so that hopefully will give her some more clothes for the fall.

Anyway, what do you think about girls clothes these days?


Judy said...

there really isn't much to think about, because there isn't much, period! The clothes are way too skimpy at a younger age. I sub, and even in the elementary schools, some of the little girls wear shirts with crude sayings, and some of them look like tramps in training. Sad state of affairs.

momtothreeboys said...

That's one of the reasons I'm oh so glad to have 3 boys and no girls. Ugggg, I despise girl's clothes they have out now. Very trampy.

Holly said...

Lois has twins with her former partner and has visitation. 10 year old girls. One loves that Britney Spears look, the other could care less.
Now, I am not conservative, I just don't understand why clothes for girls under the age of 19 need to be so fitted and mature. (the word "objectifying" comes to mind)
I wore my brother's hand-me-downs until I was 10 or 11? (then again, look how I turned out...ha ha)
My biggest fear is that we will have a girl who is into the belly shirts and stuff and we will totally freak out!

mermaidgrrrl said...

I despise the sexualisation of young children. Ick! Good thing I sew so I can make things that are age-appropriate if things are still this bad when we have kids.

Dharma said...

The clothing choices are horrid for female children and not a whole lot better for adult females. Just went to Old Navy - sheesh. However at Ann Taylor's Loft, I think that's where we were, the clothes are a lot better, but so much more money and nothing funky enough for me.