Friday, September 01, 2006

Good news and bad....

Well, I continue to be amazed at the generosity of IRL friends as well as web friends. Yesterday my friends over at Attachment Parenting after Infertility sent Katie a Dora bike! She hasn't stopped riding it since Mama put it together. Thanks guys! You have made my baby so, so happy. And to all who keep sending us stuff, I continue to thank you. You will never know the positive impact you have had on our family!

Now for the semi-bad news. My MRI showed a lesion on my spine that could be a hemangioma, but the MD says that it looks atypical. I am going for a bone scan next week. Most of you know about my cancer let's pray that it's just a weird hemagioma and not bone cancer. And let's hope that this hemagathingy is causing most of my back pain and if we can get rid of it, I might find some pain relief!

Thanks again everyone. I will keep saying it over and over....


Estelle said...

Yay bike! Great news! I bet Katie is so happy!
Not such good news for you... but yay bike!

Care said...

I hope the bone scan goes well, and that it is just a weird hemangioma. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I dont read your blog often, life with two kids doesn't allow me to do all that I want in a day... but I do want you to know I do stop in every so often and think about you. First, I want to address the angry at God comment. I think we all get that way, even those of us who trust in the Lord so much. But in the end, he truly does show us that he provides for us and takes care of us, as he is doing for you. You were denied the DDS, but only because God has other plans...maybe its your friends and family who love you so much will help you, maybe he has somthing else in mind happening soon, we don't know...but always continue to praise him and thank him for the blessings he has given you each and everyday. Keep your faith in the Lord and he will continue to provide for you in many ways. Sometimes we are asking for things we feel is best for us, but the Lord knows best and we just have to give it to him and let him do whats in his will. Keep your faith in him, keep looking upward to him and he will make sure you are OK.

(((Hugs)))) to your and your family.

I wish i could help the kids with clothes and things but I have boys! Email me and let me know their sizes, I can ask around and if I have clothes that pass for girls (sweats, ect) ill pass them along gladly!

From the IF boards

PS...dont dwell on those negative people who have negative thoughts about your 'plans or wishes or thoughts'...the Lord knows you best and he is the ONLY one you must answer too!