Saturday, May 27, 2006

Saturday and no place to go...

Just the way I like it. This has probably been one of the longest weeks of my life. Low energy, depressed mood, you name it! But today I seem to be turning a corner. Lots has gone on this week....Monkey's Trout came into the world safely on Friday! Rae made it through her surgery and is finally on the road to physical healing. Katie got her positive beta and then it doubled, all things to be thankful for. (And if any one can tell me how to put a link on someone's name so that I can acutally link you all to these people and you can read their stories yourself - thanks)!

But what I have most to be thankful for is that my children are healthy, my relationship with DP is strong and that is more than any one person could ask for.

On another note, Katie is now in possesion of a goldfish named Dorothy. We told Katie that if she slept in her own bed all night for a month, that we would get her a fish for her room (a very coveted possession). She has been going up to her room and coming back down to give us a minute by minute update of how Dorothy is fairing in her new home. I do have to say that as we were leaving the pet store, Katie told me that the one fish that was swimming sideways wasn't feeling too good. Nope, I don't think he was. Anyway, WTG Katie. Mommy and Momma are proud of you for your accomplishment....and for letting us get a good night's sleep.

Gillian too has had a good week for accomplishments. She was awarded the Physical Education Excellence award. Only one girl in the whole 9th grade gets this award and she got it! I am so proud of her. I still wonder where she gets all her athletic ability from...not me that's for sure.

Wel, that's it for now. The depression seems to have lifted so better times are coming!


Sonya said...

Great accomplishments!

Way to go Katie. I hope that Dorothy does well in Katie's room!

Way to go Gillian! What an excellent accomplishment!

Dharma said...

Links: highlight their name, then click the "link" logo on your composer page (it looks like chain link sorta) type in or paste their site address, ie.

Sounds like a good week turn around.