Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cool Site

There is this very cool new site where you can upload a pic of yourself (or your kids) and it analyzes it and then tells you who you look like. Go here and try it. It is so cool. I ran my family and the first 5 matches for each of us were:


1) Madonna
2)Chris North
3)Mamoru Oshii
4)Alanis Morrisette
5)Sissy Spacek


1) Melissa Gilbert
2) Jennifer Beals
3) Joan Fontaine
4) Elisha Cuthbert
5) Charlize Theron


1) Chester Bennington
2) Matthew Perry
3) Yael Bar Zohar
4) Nana Mouskouri
5) Billy Zane


1) Robert Duvall
2) Christian Slater
3) Emily Dickenson
4) Kristen Nygaard
5) Bebe Newirth

What I found most interesting is that both Katie and I drew on some asian names. Interesting.

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Michelle said...

I love these'd ya find the site??
Anyway...what's bizarre, or maybe not so bizarre is that Brenna and I both came up with three of the same names over and over despite age of pictures (for both) or position of our faces...what's really bizarre is that my Mom's boss in Germany used to call me Shirley Temple, and she came up on all my pics--Brenna's too...along with Sally Field (as Gidget), and Emma Watson...
Others mine came up with were Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst (yeah, I wish), Marcia Cross, and Jamie Lynn Spears...HA, good