Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Books are my secret passion. I was thinking about what to write today and I said, BOOKS! I can't remember a time when I haven't loved books. From the time that I learned how to read, I have immersed myself in books. I remember when I was old enough to walk to the library coming home with armful's of books. Any kind of book was fine although fiction was and still is my genre of choice. I think that I probably read every single book in the young adult section of the Baldwinsville library before moving on to the adult section. I remember just going to my room and reading for hours and hours. Getting lost in books and in the stories and lives they presented.

When I got to college books presented themselves to me in a different way. I remember the first time I bought textbooks. They smelled so wonderful and I remember the thrill and excitement of not knowing what was in there between the covers, but not being able to wait to find out. One quirk of mine (and there are many right Cheryl?) is that I find it impossible to skip around a book and whenever a professor would have us do it, I would find it very difficult. Almost like breaking the rule of books....though shalt not go ahead in a book without reading what comes first. I have one memorable course in college. It was a course I took on Freud in Literature. It was the first course I had taken where we really looked at differnt meanings within the text. Previous to that I would read for reading sake. I didn't really care what else the author was saying....just let me read for reading's sake. To this day I am still that way although I do find myself letting got a bit more and looking into the text for the various stories being told. Another thing that is new to me is putting a book aside after the 3rd chapter if I am really not into it. Again, being the book purist that I am I have always felt that if it was good enough to be published, then it should be read. Not so anymore.

I always have to have books in my possesion. When my library pile gets short, I get online and order more. I have lists of books that I want to read and find myself and Barnes and Noble at least once a month writing down titles and authors of books that I want to order from the library. I order online and they call me when the book is in. I am at the library at least once a week for storytime so I get the books as they come in. I read everywhere and don't leave home without a book. I even read at stoplights! Yes, I really do.

I can't imagine a world without books. It has always been my passion to someday write a book! I have lots of idea's just no courage.

So, as an added bonus, I think I will review books that I have read or am reading....today will be Lucky by Alice Sebold. It is riveting. It is a true story about when Alice was raped in a park near Syracuse University in the 1980's. She writes her story from her heart, from the rape, to the decision to come back to SU and finish her education. It is a powerful and mighty book.


Kerry said...

Being in school I tend not to read because I will read instead of anyting else. Once I start I finish them pretty quick. Looking forward to reading some this summer.

littlefeet said...

i dont do the library thing...cause i dont want to read and give back... :)

but i have a list of authors that i absolutely adore...and i purchase any new book that i see from them...drives Jen crazy... :)