Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tag - I'm it

I was tagged by Louisiana Swamp Rat to tell you all 5 deep dark secrets about me (or 5 things you might have not known about me already)

So, here it goes -

1) I hate socks. I can only wear them with shoes and when I get home those are the first things that come off! I can barely even stand to put them on Katie. And I only wear one kind of sock. The gray, GAP mens sock that comes up over the ankle. I know, weird. The issue comes from a bad thing that happened to me, but that I am not ready to tell.

2) I hate my food to touch on my plate. If it does, I just scrape it to it's own spot, but I used to have to ditch the plate and start over.

3)I have been pregnant 3 times, but have 2 children. I had one ectopic pregnancy (that was a boy) back in 1999 and I miss him terribly.

4)I don't really like animals. We have 3 cats that I tolerate, but I really don't like them.

5)I once dated a Marine. I even went to his Marine Corps ball in Niagara Falls, NY and we even slept in the same hotel room, but in separate beds. I came out to him that night and he came out to me.

OK....I tag The Firehouse 5, Faggots on the third floor, Backyard Musings, Artsweet and Journey of A Co-Mom in the Making!

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