Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing much

Going on over here! The snow we were supposed to get came but not all of it. I am so glad for that. Poor Katie has a cold/ear infection in both ears and bronchitis all in one. She is so lethargic today that I took her into the MD. I was glad I did. She even asked while we were there if she could go home and lay down and rest! The MD said "Yep, she's sick". Now she has to miss ballet tonight and she's sad about that, but not too sad because she's too sick to be sad. Her teacher was sick the week before last so that's 2 lessons this month that she's missed. We are still waiting on her make up session! Speaking of ballet, Katie loves it so much. Her little friend Caitlyn from school joined her class and she is so excited. They are doing a princess recital in June and Katie is going to be Belle. We had to put out $50 for the costume, but thankfully they just increased tuition for a couple of months so include that. Between what we pay for Gillian for karate and Katie for ballet...well, let's just say it adds up.

And speaking of karate, Gillian got her high red belt last week. (I think I already mentioned that) and is now starting rotation for her black belt. She should get that in June. It's a gruling cycle and I am sure that she will be tired, but it's so good for her. Since we got her enrolled in karate, she has turned things around (mostly) with her attitude and it feels good. Cheryl took her to the black belt spectacular last Saturday and they had a great time. It's where the school's perform and the new black belts get awarded their belts. I can't believe in June our family will be sitting up front while they call MY daughter's name. I am so proud of her accomplishments. She never lets her ulcerative colitis get in the way and never uses it as an excuse. She is one determined young lady. But then I knew that when after 27 hours of hard labor and 2 hours of pushing and she refused to come out! LOL.

So, there you have it! Not much happening here. Just hanging on with my little one. Although I hate when they are sick I don't miss the cuddling while she doesn't feel good. I miss those days when she wanted to cuddle. Tommorrow is my appt. with the Neurology clinic and I won't have a chance to update until Thursday! Hang in there and talk with you soon!


Mermaidgrrrl said...

I was watching (of all things) Dr 90210 and was really impressed with what they have to go through to get their black belt - what an accomplishment for a young woman to achieve! Good luck with the specialist.

Laura said...

Poor Katie!!! I hope she's on the mend soon. And you must be so proud of Gillian. Good luck with the appt.