Sunday, January 28, 2007


OK....I have to admit that I might me addicted to not having money but spending it anyway. I am addicted to buying Hanna Andersson clothes online through e-bay with the rationalizion that I can just get back what I paid for it when I go to resell it. I have always had this issue, not necessarily with Hanna's because when Gillian was little it was OshKosh and Gymboree. I have this thing about my kids looking good when we leave the house. It's a sickness I tell ya. And it gives them the wrong message. Growing up, we never had a lot of money and it has totally effected how I manage money now. I spend it thinking, "Oh, I will have it next pay check" and then I don't. I find that in the past I would hide my spending from Cheryl, but have since vowed that I won't do that anymore. She is the one who get's stuck paying all the bills while I am out spending money we don't have. In all the money I have spent in clothes for the girls, I could have already bought that van already.

So, I am going to try really hard to stop spending money I don't have. Selling on e-bay has been good because then if I turn around and spend more money on clothes, I don't feel so guilty. It's money that I have earned.

Recently someone at church gave me a huge bag of clothes and it was filled with such pretty stuff. I was so appreciative. And other's have given us clothes also. I don't need to buy any thing more for anyone....well except for me and Cheryl. Somehow we always come out with nothing. And I have sent clothes to other people to try and pay back some of what has been given to us.

A funny before I go. Yesterday I bought Gillian a new tank suit on Lands E*d because we are going to one of those indoor water parks at the end of Feb (before my surgery) and she likes to wear long trunks over them. LE was all out and while we were at the mall yesterday Cheryl and Gillian went to Penney's to get some trunks. While we were driving home Gillian reads the tag....invisible naked women will pop up when wet! Hooo HA! Can you imagine if we had not known this before we got the to water park and she went into the water with them on and came out with playboy looking naked woman on her trunks? It would have been funny, but she wouldn't have been able to keep them on. SO, back we go to look for a more appropriate pair. I never even knew they made such a thing! How embarrasing!

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