Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wicked good!

Guess who got 6th row seats to Wicked for Christmas???? I did! I did! I am so excited to go and see the show. Ever since I read the book, I have wanted to go.

We celebrated Christmas with Grandma yesterday and the whole family got Wii Resort. Yahhoooo! It's so, so much fun! The sword fighting game is great for getting your aggression out and I might not be able to play basketball in real life, but I can sink those 3 pointers on Wii! Katie got Cook or Be Coooked for the Wii, but we haven't tried that yet.

And what holiday wouldn't be complete without a visit to the ER. We went to see my Grandmother yesterday and she couldn't even move without being in agony. So, we had to call 911 to get her into an ambulance and then to the hospital where they put her out in the hallway until 6:30 this morning! They finally admitted her after I got into a huge fight with my sister and the doctor. Family drama! My grandmother is going to be fine, but will be in pain for a while. I know the pain as I feel it in my own back and leg every single day.

The kids are off this week, but I am still going to try and post every day unless something drastic happens and we have to take someone to the hospital! LOL! Until then my good friends, I will talk with you all tomorrow...that is if there is anyone reading....

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