Monday, December 28, 2009

Cook or be cooked....

Kate got this game for the Wii and it's HARD. We can't even fry the damn eggs or get the bacon the right temp. Heck, we can't even turn the friggen stove off and on. This is going to be a great game for Katie because she'll be able to figure it out eventually and then be off to cooking school. She also got Cooking Mama for her DSi and Diner Dash which she loves. An Easy Bake we see a theme here? LOL! Gillian got her new computer and SIMS 3 which keeps her glued to the screen for a long time. At least until I offer to duel with her with the Nerf Wii! LOL

We had the greatest time last night playing Wii Resort. (I feel like I am becoming a commercial for electronics here) They have a sword game and I beat the tar out of the other jouster....hey, did I already post this yesterday? I feel like I am repeating myself. Must be because I haven't done anything yet today except take Katie to her friends house. But, let the games begin! Wii Nerf here I come...if I can get Gillian away from SIMS 3. I guess I will just have to try and finish The Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwall. Don't buy it. It's not that good. I am trying like heck to slog through it.

Also, if you are reading me....let me know! Let me know what you want to know more about....the kids? Sewing and quilting? Electronics? Books? I aim to please!

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