Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Oh man, I have been watching the Travel Channel all day and they are talking about cruising! The one I am watching now is exclusive to the wealthy, where they have their own apartment's on the ship and just travel from port to port. We watched the Disney Cruise one but I could feel Katie's blood pressure go up just seeing the characters on the TV. I really wish I could understand her fear of dressed up people! I really want to take her to Disney World, like we took Gillian when she was 9! We did the 4 day land 3 day sea package and it was awesome. I guess I will have to settle for my week in FL. That's if I can get Cheryl to call her sister to make sure we can come down that week. It will be nice to be somewhere warm. Last night I told Cheryl that I couldn't conceivably stay here in the NE much longer. The cold is too cold and the snow too much. I need more moderate temperatures. I could totally see living on Key West. Yes, I know I said Moderate...but one can dream!

OK, I have to turn this channel off. I really want to go on a cruise. Or at least somewhere warm!


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