Monday, December 28, 2009


I have been reading back through the old blogs that I have written and gee, what a sad sack I have been! Depression sure is the theme. I am hoping to change that this year. Gillian will be heading off to college in August, so there will probably be a lot of posts from me about college stuff. She applied to 7 different schools, so I imagine after the new year, we will start getting acceptence letters. Then Cheryl and I will be sitting down and trying to figure out with her what school she can afford. We are hoping that with her grades and learning disabilities that she gets some scholarships. But with everything where there is a will, there is a way.

The best news, and I don't think I updated anyone is that I finally got SSD! WHOOO HOOOO! The judge was a dick and only said for 2 years, but I finally got it. And the retro money was just enough to pay off enough of our bills that we can finally get the bill collectors to stop calling. We still have a lot to pay off, we weren't able to get a van, but hey, we have enough each month now to pay the bills, get groceries and not have to hold our breath that something major was going to happen. Of course, I wanted to take the money and go on a nice trip. But thankfully Cheryl convinced me it was better to pay the bills! LOL! So, we are living life instead of holding our breath. We can actually give back for once, after all the getting we received. The other day, I was in McDonalds and they were doing a fun raiser for a local Ronald McDonald's house. They asked someone to step up and donate $100 and I did. It felt soooo good. Now, when someone else is in need, I can give to them. Let me tell you, giving never felt so good. Now I can understand why folks gave to us when we were so desperate! It feels good to help. And the Regent that someone bought us a couple of years ago was gifted to someone who needed a safe car seat.

So, there you have it! Life is getting better and better. I am still considering Seminary, but for now am looking into auditing courses at SU in Religion to see if I can do it. But God is calling me to do His work. And where He calls....I go!

Happy 2009! And here is to a great 2010!


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