Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is this what hell feels like?

Since I last reported in I have had a whirlwind time. I was admitted into the hospital on Wednesday last week and was released on Sunday. At least I think those were the days. On Tuesday night I couldn't feel my leg and on Wednesday I was in screaming pain in my back. I had started babysitting on Monday and am pretty sure that all the lifting and carrying of a 12 pound baby did me in. And it's the leg that I have had trouble with since my back operation. Now the ortho who did my surgery swears there is nothing showing that this leg issue has anything to do with the back and that it's neurological. But all the neuro tests they have run show nothing. Where is House when you need him huh?

So, I have been mighty depressed over goings on in the house and now my increased disability. Which by the way we still have no date to go before the judge. I am so tired of this. I was hoping to pick up some extra cash to pay off the sewing machine I bought to start making Katie's clothes! HA! Nothing like life to bite one in the ass.

Starting tomorrow, I am sitting at that Machine and going to start creating. I am not going to sink into depression and I am going to make some of the most fabulous clothes you've ever seen. I refuse to let depression get the better of me!

My church family, internet family and friends (who are like family) have been wonderful. My poor mother is probably afraid to answer the phone lest she have a crying daughter on the other line, but she does and she listens and sometimes, that is all I need.

I am still going to meetings at church, and although I am not driving yet, people have been wonderful about driving me around.

So, keep your eyes open for more cute clothes coming your way! I am going to sew and it's going to be great!


mdmhvonpa said...

From what I understand, you get coffee breaks in hell and the union is really strong so the benefits are pretty good. So ... nope. Sounds like an independent subcontractor hell.

Judy said...

I'm always here for you, sista... But I like the way mdm put it...

David and Liz said...

Sorry to hear this, Wendy. Hope you have a lot of better days in store.

Casey said...

Dang girl - I am so, so sorry to rad this. I hope by now thingsa re feeling a wee bit better and more in control.