Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Good bye 2007, Welcome 2008!

Gillian and her mom!

Visting with our friends from Israel - Susan and Noa and their children too!

Learning how to ride my new bike (thank you Mommy's IFAP Loopie friends) with Grandma and Mama

Happy 84th Birthday Grandpa

Happy Easter!

The quilt I made for Grandpa!

My cousin and I!

Merry Christmas!

Lots of pics didn't make the cut, but as I get them ready for the computer, I will add them. I realized that I never uploaded the ones from my 40th birthday! They will eventually make their way over here! I have lots of Katie, a few of the camera shy Gillian and fewer of Cheryl and virtually none of me! LOL! Funny how that happens!

Happy New Year everyone!

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Judy said...

That quilt you made Grandpa is beautiful. And everyone looks great!