Sunday, February 10, 2008


I really meant to be better about blogging. Lots of things going on right now! Katie is getting over bronchitis. Gillian should be on her way home from NYC right now and I suspect she will be a bear when she gets here because she hasn't had much sleep. I can't wait to see her though. I missed her while she was gone!

And my grandpa. He's sick again. Really sick. I don't know much right now about whether he'll pull through, but he's got pneumonia and he's in the hospital and the DNR's have been signed. So, it's in his and His hands right now. Watching him decline like this has been hell. I want to remember the Grandpa who was strong and vibrant. Not the one wasting away and gasping for breath.

And there is church. Lots of stuff there to keep me busy, but nothing I can talk publically about right now. When it's resolved, you'll hear.

I did finish another twirl skirt for Katie and am about to go and sew the shirt for it. It's going to be a cute one. Then I have to get to work on the Easter dress. I am scared to do that one, and I suspect that MIL will be getting a lot of calls for help! I am also in the middle of making a quilt for Katie's bed too. Then I will get a start on Gillian's quilt.

Oh and Feebay! Anyone hear about what is happening over there? Needless to say I am done selling with them. Unless they change their minds about the things they are implementing, I am done with them too. Which brings up the question....where will I sell my kids clothing to make money to buy the next batch? Looks like I will be doing a lot of sewing huh? Too bad for them!

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