Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sew Anxious

To get going on sewing! I have been obsessed with looking at web sites of people that are making One Of A Kind (OOAK) outfits an the things that I am finding are just gorgeous. I want to make them. I need to start learning how to sew. I think I have it figured out how to put a ruffle on the hem of pants and have a pair of plain jean overalls that I am going to buy some fabric for and make a ruffle on the hems (halloween style)and then take some of the fabric and cut out pieces to applique onto the overalls themselves. I then want to find a plain shirt (I was going to sew my own, but it might be too much to start) and maybe do an applique or 2 onto the shirt.

Anyway, I am "sew" into looking at fabric, coming up with ideas and just plain being creative. I still want to quilt and hope to continue doing that too. There is just one little thing standing in the way and that is money. I need to do something to bring in money. I thought about becoming a rep for a couple of different boutique children's companies, but I just don't think I can work that much. But I have learned so much about children's clothes and can't believe the wealth of it out there. From the wacky Oilily to the staid Jack and Jill, it's just amazing. Every site I go to, I just want to buy, buy, buy!

What do you all think? What do you think about selling children's clothes in general? I am no longer doing e-bay, although I might start up again when I begin to sell the outfits that I make and when I resell the mounds of clothes that I have collected for Katie. But it was just too disappointing and expensive.

Lots of other stuff going on in my life that I should get on here and talk about. We have services coming in to help with Gillian because she is getting out of control again. I went to a discharge planning meeting for my mother who is in short term pulmanary rehab. She will be going into assissted living which my sister and I are trying to sort out, all while trying to gtieve her impending death.

Lots on my plate. Lots of loss that I am really struggling to deal with.


Lo said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. A friend showed me this site where people sell handmade goods:

Kris said...

Well you can always sell to me! LOL I love customs, but can never afford them. But if you get good at it, you will make big bucks. I wish I could applique. I see you do Boden too. Who makes your bows? Drop me an email and we'll dish!

Judy said...

One day at a time, my love..... and remember, I am always here for you