Friday, September 14, 2007

Open blog

I have decided with much thought, that I am not going to make this a closed blog. Why let one person take what you have written and throw it in your face and then make everyone else have to jump through hoops just to read. So, I am making this public, but I will mostly be talking about my learning to sew. At some time in the future, I might start another blog about feelings and stuff, especially as my mother nears the end of her life. She has end stage lung disease and we are not sure how much longer she has to live. I have lots to catch you all up with now that the drama is gone. Some pics to share of Katie getting on the bus for the first time, etc.

So, let's just get one with things shall we? It's a beautiful fall day here in Upstate NY! The sun is shining, the leaves are changing and life is just great. I refuse to let anyone ruin my good mood and I pray for those whose lives are in such disarray that they must use someone else to take it out on.

So, let's play! Have fun! For this is the day that the Lord Hath Made!


Cheryl said...

Bravo, my love! In the immortal words of the Jackson 5..." don't let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch babe"... Love you darlin'!

Shari said...

Ditto the Bravo! Kudos to stand up and take your JOY back. Only God can give it to you so no other has authority to take your Joy. I love the Pics and info-don't ever hear from rest of family- Probably best anyway- Lots of Love and prayers, Shari

Lo said...

I'm sorry to hear someone misused your blog so badly. We're here reading!

rae said...

glad it is still public.....hugs and love to you


Casey said...

Great decision! :)