Friday, September 14, 2007

Katie's first day riding the bus

Here's my cool tote since we can't have backpacks on the bus!

Waiting (im)patiently for the bus!

Look how big my bus is and how small I am....but I love it!

BIG step up!

I don't know that I can even put into words the feelings going through me that day. And it's been 4 days since. She's not even off to Kindergarten yet, and already, my baby is going to school on the bus. I love her school, she's been there (with me!) since she was a year old, but this is a big step. And I guess we are lucky because next year when she is gone all day to school, I will already have cried on the first day, seeing her get on that bus.

She loves school. I will be going in on Friday's to be a room helper (well, every other Friday since they only have school every other Friday) and I am joining the PTO. I can't even say that I haven't had anything to do while she's been gone since Cheryl stayed home the first day, I had a church meeting the second day, did housework the third day and went fabric shopping with MIL today. More pics of the fabric we chose for the skirt I am going to make Katie!

So, enjoy these cute pics of my baby, on her first bus ride to school!


Judy said...

oooh, isn't she just a li'l ol' sweet potato!!!! too adorable! And I'm glad you're back!

Kerry said...

She looks very cute! Enjoy the you time. It is great to do somethings for yourself.

Dharma said...

Love that first photo of Katie