Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Well, I couldn't figure out what I wanted to make for Katie next, so I decided to start a easy lap quilt in greens, yellows and blues. I am almost done putting the blocks together and ready to piece it. I love how it looks already and I am so amazed at myself! I am actually reading the directions and understanding them! I will show a picture of the completed project as it's really hard to show you all the in between pics with fabric all over the table. I just love sewing. Can't wait to start my next project already!

Also, did you know that with Boden/Mini Boden you can actually earn money to shop with? If you refer someone to them (for their mailing list) they will give you $5 per person up to $20 a month. I just saved $75 and was able to get Katie a nice warm coat and a few other things. And didn't pay a dime of my own money! Now, I will be saving up money for when their spring line comes out! And if you check on e-bay, their resale value is out of this world! And the quality is outstanding. I haven't personally had any trouble with customer service, but a few people I know have so you have to stay on top of your returns and credits. Overall, I have had really good experiences with this company.

You also might want to check out Hanna Andersson since they just started selling their Christmas stuff. Every year I dream about getting us all matching sweaters to have Christmas Pictures taken for cards, but unless the magic money fairy drops by, that isn't happening! Also, I know that Cheryl and Gillian wouldn't wear the sweaters again, so why waste money on something that isn't going to be worn? LOL! Also, !Naartjie just put up their winter line and all of their fall 1 is on sale. So many cute things. I was gifted a cute outfit from Fall 1 and it is cute. You can see it on Katie on her first day getting on the bus! Just thought that I would help you all spend some money! LOL! I have been able to sell some things on e-bay to finance getting fabric and I can't believe how inexpensive it really is to sew. I find myself looking at skirts or outfits and thinking to myself, "Hey, I can do that for much less"!

The sewing is keeping me busy along with trying to get my mother settled. After many days and lots of work, she decided against going on medicaid and going into Assisted Living. I am just praying that the social worker can get the things set up to keep her safe and well at home.

Speaking of praying. I have started my day off and end it each night praying. It really helps me to remember that I am not in this alone!

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Judy said...

You're never alone. I think about you and pray for you always. I miss you. The weather is making me homesick!