Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I am writing in purple because I am depressed. We are supposed to get between 2-4 FEET of snow over the next 2-3 days. They say that when we wake up tomorrow morning 12-20" will have already fallen and then it will snow all day, into the night and through to Thursday morning. You know what that means don't you? No school to start with. Gillian will be thrilled. Katie will cry. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and she has spent the last 3 nights signing her valentines and taping M&M's on them. So, I am betting her party will have to wait till Monday. She'll cry. I will cry because I will be TRAPPED in the house. TRAPPED. Wednesday is the day that I work and although the agency will be open, clients won't come in, because they are the ONLY people in Syracuse who actually heed the DO NOT DRIVE BECAUSE IT'S TOO DANGEROUS warnings.

See, that is something I don't get. The county posts all these warnings about "No unnessesary driving" but your employer still wants you to come to work. Even though you know your clients won't be there. The Centro bus will be on a snow route (which basically means it doesn't run much) and most of our clients use the bus for transportation. Fortunately for me, I just don't get paid when my clients don't come in so I will be on the phone in the morning collecting all the so and so isn't coming today calls and then weeping more because not only will I be stuck in the house with 2 kids with NO MEANS OF ESCAPE, but I won't be making any money either.

One thing I am getting a big kick out of is the weather man on 9WSYR (google it and watch the storm team podcast if you think I am kidding) is practically jumping up and down with excitement. Nothing like a good snow storm to get the metorologist jumping around here.

Don't know if I will post tomorrow or just stay in bed with a pillow over my head! Oh right, I can't do that because schools will be closed......ARGH!


Judy said...

Okay, so I don't miss Dave Eichorn. Did you notice his pants are belted up around his boobs? But don't worry - you and I will spend the day on the phone, commiserating about how our little rasputin's missed their parties. And we can kvetch, too.

Amanda said...

Oh Wendy! It sounds dreadful over there! What a drag. I'm sorry! :)