Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Why am I so depressed? I am not lying when I tell you that I am very depressed and I think it has to do with the fact that all it ever does around here is blow cold wind and SNOW. Now I know that we got off lucky until today, but I am seriously wanting to move to somewhere WARM. I can barely tolerate the cold so I am literally a prisoner in my own home. Yet, we can't afford to move anywhere. I guess I feel like I am stuck. Just stuck here. In the ice and snow. Even as a small child my mother would wrap me all up and shove me out the door. I am not kidding when I tell you that there is ONE picture of me ouside as a child. I would go into the smallest place I could get and hide when she mentioned OUTSIDE any time it was colder than 70 degree's. Last year when we were in Cancun, I was in heaven.

So if that doesn't get any worse, the temp is -10. That isn't anything because the winds are supposed to start gusting right about the time they make the decision to close school. So, another day with the kids. I already know it.

Last thing that I am going to complain about. I went out to get the mail and the plow flew around the corner and I had to jump into a snow bank to avoid getting killed. See we don't have those little tiny plows that most states have, we have big HONKING plows that take out everything in their paths. Mostly mailboxes. Most pepole get a new one every year. They should just add it to our taxes and put up new ones every year!

Clearly I am a bear. I need to hibernate. Someone tell my kids that huh?


DementianVA said...

Yes, it is horrible out there, and I know I can't complain because you are farther up. Hang in there, Cancun IS the best.

Judy said...

You see, we're doing this all wrong. We need to do like the native Americans did so many years ago, and ALL of us move into the longhouses for the winters. We all move in, with our spouses and kids, and we become inter-dependent upon each other. All the mothers are together, and they run the longhouse and help care for the children together, and are just TOGETHER. It's much easier to tolerate the winter when we have the support of each other. We just don't help each other the way we once did, and help each other get through life. Where did society go wrong?