Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Beginning

Here is Katie again in front of our house. You can barely see the fence in front of the house and you can see that the snow is almost up to the bottom of the windows in front.
Gillian and Kate building a snow fort. Too bad you can't see Katie's face since Gillian smooshed her hat down over her eyes! Yes, that is the roof of my car behind Gillian!

Katie in front of a snow bank! It's taller than her! You can see the houses in our neighborhood behind her and believe it or not there is a road seperating where Katie is and the houses on the other side!

Here are some pictures from the beginning of the storm! Yes, this is the beginning. We will get about 3 feet when all is said and done and this is about a foot and a half. Maybe a little more. I am sure school will be closed tomorrow not becuse of the snow, but because we are supposed to get 50-60 mile an hour winds starting after midnight with temps in the -25 to -30. They are also predicting more lake effect snow after midnight.

And poor Katie. Next week is winter break so she won't get her Valentine's Party for 2 more weeks. Poor kid!

I would cry, but all you can really do in this situation is laugh. I have some before and after pics from our deck that I will try and post in a bit!

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