Friday, February 16, 2007

Another snow day

I don't even know how much snow we have gotten since this all started. I do know that I started to take pictures of the snow on the deck, kind of as a measuring point and when I started you could still open the gate and now the snow is about about 5" from the top of the deck. No school again today and the kids have all of next week off. I am wanting to go and jump in a snow bank myself! Still depressed, but feeling a little better today for some reason. I have a book on hold at the library and some overdue ones, but I can't get out to pick it up and drop the other ones off. Katie has swim lessons today at 4 and I am hopeful that we might make it! Just so that I can see another adult.

The pain clinic up the mg's of my oxycontin and I am hopeful that it will help. I didn't take my percocet last night or this morning and while there is some pain, it doesn't seem so intense. I am waiting to see if I need to take some after I get some housework done. The little bit I can do.

So, when I upload the pics to my computer, I will come back here and show you all the snow progression in Upstate NY!

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Maria said...

When my daughter Dawn is depressed or life has gotten to her for one reason or another, I send her an angel to lift her spirits, so I am sending one your way too.

I am sending you Delphina, she is an angel who heralds spring weather. She will halt the cold wind and bring just a hint of the warmth to come.