Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thanks Chuck, Renee and Christopher

Yesterday the fed ex woman came (shh...don't tell the wife that she was cute)oh never mind, she reads me and will find out! Anyway, she came to the door and said to me, "Is it someone's birthday?" I mentioned that my birthday was in a few days and she said, "Well, someone must really love you, because these flowers come from the best of the best". I was thinking to myself that it was strange that Cheryl would send me flowers this early before my b-day. But I opened up the box and there were the most beautiful tulips that I have ever seen and they totally made my day!

I have gotten so much offers of support it's amazing. I am sure that when the going gets tough, we'll call in those offers. I told everyone at staff meeting today what was going on and that I was sticking to working the one afternoon that I was doing and again, folks were so wonderful and supportive.

Now, it's just getting through. But when you have that many people behind you, how can you NOT?

Thanks everyone....but especially to my BIL, SIL and Nephew for the beautiful flowers!

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Rae said...

that is so sweet that they sent you flowers!!!

hugs to you friend!