Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Still here!

I am going to make this a quick post since I have been trying to post for days but blogger doesn't seem to want me too! I was working on a post of Gillian @ karate, but it kept eating it.

I had the appt. with the surgeon and he agreed with all the other MD's that I needed to have the surgery. My only other option is to keep on with what we are doing which is taking all the high dose pain meds and I don't want that! So, here's the low down. The surgery would be about 4 hours long and because it's a high blood loss surgery, I would have to donate 2 pints of my own blood back to myself before the surgery. The surgery would be a 5" incision in my back, with them then putting mesh w/ bone between L/4 & L/5 and L5/S1 depending on what he finds when he opens me up. He would then put in 6 bone screws and the take more bone and then put more bone on the sides of the spine for more stabilization. The bone would come from my upper pelvis. It's 3 days in the hospital and then 4-6 weeks recovery. He said I would be up and walking the next day and the only thing that I couldn't do during recovery is drive. He said that I could still do things as I felt able which was better than I thought. Some of the stuff I had read made me think I would be immobilized for weeks. He did say he expected about a 75% reduction in pain and symptoms.

So we are still discussing it here. I have an appt. with the pain clinic to see what they have to say about managing the pain. Someone told me about an intrathecal catheter that they put in to manage pain. I do know that it would be probably just delay the ineveitable.

Anyone who reads me ever had this surgery or knows someone who did? Please write to me (or ask them to write to me) about outcomes. I don't want to end up a cripple, but I do want to be able to live a producitive life again!

In other news, I started selling on e-bay under the name of gandksmom1967. It's mostly Katie's old clothes, but I am going to be selling some of her slings and old video's and such. I will also be posting some of Gillian's old clothes that are in good condition. She was/is into South Pole, Addidas and Nike. Hopefully I will make a few bucks anyway!

If I get a chance tomorrow (or later today) I will do that post about Gillian and Karate!


Anonymous said...

Huh ... my kids are in karate too ... and I'm from upstate ny (1980-94) ... MS ... coincidences all I'm sure.

As for the surgery, I have not had it but I know by association of a few people who have had opium or some other pain relief pumps installed to help with pain. It is very common for 'end of life' cancer support too. Not that this is the case for you, but it is a fairly well established method for managing advanced pain cases.

Anonymous said...

I know several folks who have the inplanted pump and are fine with it, most have had several surgeries and are using it until they have surgery to fix the issue. They sday they'll keep the pump even after surgery and have less meds or even none at all but don't want the pump out just in case they neeed it. The ones I know who have had the surgeries are much better but have to truly becareful not to cause injury again. Working in nursing there have been so many who have had back/neck surgery due to pulling and moving patients. Of the ones I know of all were much better but in differing degrees, and differing levels of pain relief which is only nature since everyone hurts/feels pain in a different way. Good luck, keep us posted on what you plan to do. Any news on the MS dx, is that still a thought or where are you with that?? I truly wish you the best, I don't know a whole lot about back surgery other than what co-workers have shared with me, I worked mostly CCU or the ER. If I can help with any medical stuff, let me know!! Have a great turkey day!!

Baitulos said...

Well, what a lot to stare at on your plate these days! I'm sorry you are having to make such tough decisions in your life right is SO very hard not to wish for or need some kind of outcome percentage or guarantee that everything will turn out for the best. As you know, life never gives us that kind of perfect play book...but I am like you...I search for all possibilities and known outcomes and THEN I make my decisions. This may do NOTHING to effect the outcome, but at least I FEEL better with my choices! LOL

Good luck to you,

Linda D. in Seattle

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your surgery. I am sorry to hear that you have to go through this. I don't know anyone who has had this and I have not had it I am not much help. You are in my thoughts and prayers that evertying goes well for you. Take care.

mermaidgrrrl said...

I know someone who has the intrathecal pump and is just so relieved by it. Well worth considering judging by his glowing reviews! He was nearly immobilised with pain for 3 years before he got it and now has finished a teaching degree and is working full-time after basically being disabled by his back for a couple of years and being supported by his wife so it's been a big relief for him mentally/emotionally in that regard too. Best wishes for you babe *hugs*