Thursday, October 05, 2006


I should have clarified.....the previous post should have been I would "like" to listen to. No, I spend most of my day listening to Laurie Berkner, Jack's Big Music show and well, you know.....

Now, the one day a week that I work, I could listen to music on the way to work on my tape player, but a couple of years ago Katie put a penny in the tape player and now I can't use it. Sucks to be me!

So, it's been a long time since I have actually listened to any of the music on my list. But a girl can dream right?

In other news, nothing much going on. I am off to the MD tomorrow for a neuro work up since I have been having some disturbing symptoms that I am hoping are just side effects of some of the meds I am on....Last weekend Cheryl and I took the kids to a nature park and when we were climbing some steps, I couldn't get my legs to work (this scared me the most), I have had some trembling in my left arm off and on, Cheryl has noticed that my speech is slurred sometimes and my eyes go wacky from time to time. My doc wants to check me out especially since the MRI saw something that could be a lesion on my spine. Those symptoms combined with the lesion could indicate MS. Personally, I don't think that's it. We still don't have a definite on the lesion on my back. They are calling it an atypical hemangioma.

Hmmm....can't think of much else. Girls are good, Cheryl is good...and life is mostly good.


Anonymous said...

I remember driving down the road and listening to some Disney soundtrack and then realized
I didn't have to listen that I was alone!! Guess it just becomes a habit!! But of course since we sent our daughter off to college this year and our son is a senior this year, I'd trade, hubby says I'm crazy, but I do miss it!!!! Enjoy, as I know you do!

Laura said...

Hugs to you!!!! I'm so glad that you're getting into the neuro fairly quickly.

Glad to hear I'm not the only listening to Laurie Berkner and kids music all the time (actually Brendan and I are seeing Laurie in concert on Sunday, lol). I do get to listen to music at work, but never remember to bring in any new CDs so wind up listening to JackFM on the radio all day, one of the two stations I can tune in here.

Rae said...

wedny i'm worried about these symptoms....lmk when you get your appt.

Gandksmom said...

I went to the MD and he is ordering a MRI of the brain to rule out MS. While he said the symptoms I am having are consistent with MS, an MRI will rule it out. I'll let you all know when I have it OK?