Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bad blogger....

Well, just a post to update! My grandfather was having some difficulties again, but it turned out to be some gallstones. They were thinking it was a bowel obstruction, and how they got from that to gallstones, I have no clue. But since I have been crazy busy, I will just trust what they are telling me.

So, I went for the discography. It was single handedly the most painful experience that I have gone through. They basically take a needle and put it into your back and thread a catheter into the disc. They don't sedate you (although they did give some versed to take the edge off) and then they fill the disc with contrast and ask you to tell them when you have your everyday pain and then tell them when the pain is overwhelming. OMG! I am so glad that it's over. The MD doesn't like to tell you about the results because she thinks that the versed doesn't allow you to understand the results and my follow up appt. isn't until 10/23/06, but I asked her if there was a problem at least and she told me there was. I started to cry and told her "You mean, it's not all in my head?" and she told me that L4/L5 and L5/S1 are shredded inside. I asked if it was something that could be fixed and she reminded me about the conversation we had about my willingness to have surgery and then told me that we would talk more at my follow up appt. So, I am assuming surgery is going to be suggested. I am waiting for the final verdict though.

It is such an overwhelming feeling for me to validated. I think that a lot of people thought that my pain was all in my head and to have to it be real is BIG for me.

I will post more about the kids...doing some amazing things in a bit!


Rae said...

i'm so sorry you had to go thru such a painful procedure. damn!
i am so glad you got your pain validated. like you said, our lives mirror each other----we know how desperately we hurt and it just doesn't seem others really beleive until its on paper. Huge hugs to you, its going to get better. I didn't beleive it for a long time but now I finally do. Its going to get better.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean, great there is something wrong it's not all in my head!!!!!! Been there done that and felt that, it sucks but I am so glad the doc sees something is wrong and I only hope something can be done to at least help you not hurt as badly as you have been!!!! Keep us posted

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear they found something... I have so much low back pain and i hear all the time, dont know what it could be, lose weight, exerise, yada yada yada. They never find a 'reason' like my major pain isnt really there? PUAHLEASE!

Lisa (LTh4)

Dharma said...

It's always nice to be validated. HOpe this helps with the diasbility crap.