Thursday, December 30, 2010

Angry Birds!

My BIL got me addicted to this App on my iPhone called Angry Birds. It's a game where you fling all sorts of birds through the air (and each bird does something different) to kill the pigs that are usually heavily fortified. It's very addicting I have to say. I have to put it down after a while and then I pick it up again and try for a while.

Speaking of addiction, LOL, Gillian is heavily addicted to Epic Mickey for the Wii. She has fought her way through the game and is still going strong. I can't believe all the stuff you have to do to win this game. It's definately a great game for the Wii, but not something that I think my 7 year old can figure out. My 18 year old is having a hard enough time.

Katie has a friend over today and they are playing nicely. I am so glad that she has such nice friends to play with. Oh, and I picked Rules of Deception by Christopher Reich bach up. I picked the book up at a rest stop and then put it back down. I think I could get back into it. I finished the other book mentioned in the last post, but it wasn't anything to write home about!

Well, I am off to read, then we will be dining at Wegman's and then I have to chauffer Gillian to her group meeting at the Q center. After that, I will come home and drop into bed. I do have choir practice, but it's so late at night for me that I just don't think I can make it. We'll have to see.


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