Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We are home!

Gillian came home today! Yippee! Now I am on a quest to try and make her some colostomy bag covers. I think I can do them, but I am still a newbie at the sewing machine. I can't wait to get back to my machine and finish Katie's quilt, finish the Easter Dress that I started for her a while back, finish a Halloween quilt that I started and then last but not least, finish the quilt I started cutting out for Gillian. Then I can get to work on the projects that I haven't started yet!

I also want to make Gillian some flannel pants so that she has some comfortable pants to wear with her ostomy around the house. I stink at making pants. I have tried, believe me, but have never gotten it down. I am guessing that I need to have someone show me for the first time and then I will have it.



Pennyfeather said...

Hi Wendy - I have been following your blog. glad that Gillian is pain free!

Im not sure where you are, but if you go to one of the better, high scale fabric stores that sells sewing machines, they will probably be able to teach you how to make the pants and covers. They might even make the first set for you if you explain the situation. We got a lot of help from our local fabric store when we were making Preeme clothes for Fairfax Hospital in VA.

Best of luck to you all

Judy said...

woohoo, so great to have you home! Now I can call you and interrupt all your sewing projects! But seriously, you're back where you belong! And I'm gonna hold you to us going out for a nice lunch and conversation (your treat....ha!). Love you.

Casey said...

Wow! I had no idea what was happening in your world. I am so sorry that you all are going through this. You are in my thoughts.