Friday, October 10, 2008

12 days into this....

And I think we are still sane. Do we have a choice? We are waiting for Gillian's surgeon to come back from out of town before she goes in for her first surgery out of three. She will come out of that surgery with a ileostomy. The surgery that she is having (for you Google fans) is called a Subtotal Colectomy w/Ileostomy. That is the first one. The there will be 2 more before we are finished.

I personally am finished. I can whine,grouse, bitch, etc, but it's not going to change anything. Gillian refuses to do school work up here and I worry about her ability to graduate. She thinks that she will just go back to school and all will be well. Meanwhile she is doing color by numbers and texting. At least she won't forget how a pencil moves or how to spell :)

Katie was a spit fire last night. Her teacher told her she was going to meet with a counselor today and she was all up in arms about it. The poor child just wants her family home (and her family wants nothing more than that) and to top it all off, Grandma is leaving today to go to DC for the long weekend.

Anyway, we are handeling things. Looks like another blood transfusion is on it's way either today or tomorrow. I am guessing it will be here about 15 minutes after I fall asleep because that seems to be when things happen around here. Just you try to get some sleep, just you try. It's like the taunt you, "Now's a good time to get some sleep" what they don't tell you is that 15 minutes after you fall asleep they will come in with some life making decision to make and you are so tired and your ability to make a decision to go pee is out the window, let alone making a decision to have your daughter transfused.

Well, that is my attempt at humor for the day. I know her teacher must be peeing in her pants laughing, since everyday the kid comes to school in a kooky outfit (you wouldn't believe what she will talk her mother into wearing) and her hair down. Not that I am tooting my own horn..well, I kind of am, but when I put her on the bus, she is matching and her hair is done. Cheryl. you need to learn how to put the child's hair up...I am begging you! LOL!

Over and out from a sleep deprived Mommy!


Cheryl said...

Some things in life are more important than pigtails with matching bows!

Love, from your hairbow impaired, accessory challenged and fashion unconscious partner. I know you love me anyway!

Judy said...

Yeah, what Cheryl said! In a year, you are going to marvel at how strong and united you stayed during this ordeal, and how is has strengthened you as a family, and you won't even remember what Katie wore to school! Love you all...

Lisa :) said...

Oh Wendy! You guys are all in our prayers! I am just now reading and catching up on you guys. Keep us posted! Hang in there sweetie!