Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sugery is set

For this Friday at 1PM EST. Any prayers and well wishes are most appreciated. Gillian was visited by a girl who has gone through what she is about to go through and that helped a lot. She has decided to name her stoma Pablo and has been playing with her Ostomy supplies, figuring them out, etc. She shows everyone who comes in and I am planning to try and make some covers this weekend. The girl that came up to visit her brought 2 covers and a pattern, so I am going to try and make some funky covers. She likes tye die and rainbow so I am going to search for fabric like that. So, she will go through the 1st of 3 surgeries on Friday and have most of her colon removed. When that heals, then she will go in for the 2nd surgery where the small intestine will be made into a pouch and be readied for the reversal. Any one who is interested in learning more about this can go to J Pouch and find information there. Cheryl and I continue to support her by spending the night with her, switching off and on every other night and I stay with her during the day. Cheryl is trying to save her time for her surgeries.

Of course I heard back from my lawyer today which usually means that we are getting ready to go back to court. What a time huh? Well, we will get through it. I keep praying everyday for God to give me strength and he always comes through.

And Katie is hanging in there. We are all troopers. We really are, even when we don't feel like it. Off to put Katie to bed. Night everyone!

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