Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day pics!

Here are some beautiful customs that I had made by Tracy Tobias at . If you like what you see, e-mail her and she will be happy to help you! These outfits were made out of fabric that I bought at Fabric Bliss during a Euro Pre-Order that she had a while back. I was in love with the fabric and knew that I just wasn't talented enough to do them justice. So, I sent the fabric to Tracy and she made this beautiful twirl skirt and then she used a beautiful Euro pattern to create the Katie shirt and pants. I think they are both so cute! And the fabric are just scrumptious! Enjoy.

Next, be on the lookout for back to school pics! Katie has her lunch made already (in the fridge) and she has her orientation tomorrow to meet her teacher and other kids in her class. I am going to lug all her supplies in tomorrow so that she won't have to worry about that on the bus.

I am very tearful about school starting, but I stocked up on fabric, and have a lot of project to do. I also am going to be very serious about sitting down at least an hour a day to write. Who knows what will come of that!


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Judy said...

Oh, she has grown up way too fast, and far too beautiful! BTW, after you publish that book you decide to write, can I say I knew you before you were famous (and when we wore knickers in 8th grade!)?