Friday, August 29, 2008

Another rainy day

Lots going on in the house, nothing I really want to write about. I feel physically done in for. The new pain meds I am on make me really drowsy and groggy. I did sew for a bit yesterday, which helped a lot to get me going. I started out making Katie a skirt out of charm packs and quickly realized that I didn't have enough, so together, Katie and I put together a quick little quilt that we are going to send to Katie's friend Abby that just moved to K.Y. It turned out really cute and as soon as the binding is on, I will send a pic. I also have to go and get some more pink thread to finish Katie's quilt. I went through my stash and have so many projects in front of me, that I think I will spend my time with the kids in school sewing and trying to refine my technique.

So, speaking of school, I am not trying to think about it. I can't stand the fact that Katie is going to be gone all day! But, I am trying really hard not to let her know that I am sad about it, because she is really excited, which is right where I want her to be!

And Gillian is excited to get another year under her high school belt. She is really looking forward to going to college, although she is really thinking about going to school here for 2 years before deciding where she'd like to be. Smart thinking on her part!

Well, that's today's update. Oh, has anyone been following those Democrats? What do you think about Obama and Biden?



Judy said...

Good for you for working on a project - my house is a mess, we need groceries, and the lawn needs mowing. I'm not sure where to start! And I haven't followed the convention - I guess politics aren't my thing. I wasn't an Obama suporter, but I have no choice, now. We can't let the Republicans run us for another 4!

amanda said...

Wendy, I know the feeling.. Natalie is counting down the days/hours until Kindergarten starts and it makes me cry inside but I guess we should be proud that they are so secure in themselves to be OK with being gone from us. They are ready so pat on the back to us!

I wasn't a Barack fan... but when he picked Biden and I heard him speak... I'm in. He's pissed off and vocal about all the same things I am and knowing he's on our side makes me confident in the ticket. I had to laugh at McCain's pick... I think it will backfire big time! I wish i could wake up and it would be Nov. 5th!