Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back to school!

Well, it happened, Katie went to Kindergaten and Gillian went to 11th grade. You see no pictures of Gillian because she is waaaay too old for that, dontcha know? I was a wreck all day, but when she got off that bus, smiling ear to ear, I knew that all had gone well and that it was going to be OK. We finally got her day out of her and she really had a blast. She was really excited that the teacher called her up at story time and read her shirt, "Kindergarten Rocks" to the whole class and put it up on the board. (I had the outfit custom made). Of course she picked her own outfit today and it was her most coveted Hannah Montana Tee, with her Denim Hello Kitty skirt (and some gym shorts that I insisted she wear under it) with her pink high tops. I rolled my eyes when she said she wanted to wear her pink high tops, but it really made the outfit. I will have to snap a pic when she gets home, because she looked like a real rock star.

As for Gillian, I think she was glad to be back in school, now considered an upperclassman (how in the heck did that happen?) and got her favorite courses, Environmental Science and Creative Writing and Psychology. She was a happy camper. And if she's a happy camper, then so is everyone else. Gillian has her own fashion sense and she looked pretty snazzy yesterday too! I wish she would have let me take some pics.

So, the cleaning person is here, I am going to see if I can find some jeans to fit my big butt and then get back here for the kiddo's. We were lucky enough to get Katie's list before school, but tonight I have to brave the crowds and hope there is enough to get her stuff.

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Judy said...

Who is that kid? I don't recognize her, because Katie was just a baby, like, last month....