Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Memorium....

I think if you click on the actual pictures, you can see them closer up. It is still really hard for me to go there and actually see the stone there. I cry everytime. I miss my grandfather so much, although I am really glad that he's not suffering anymore. I ran through the scenerio of his dying so many times in my mind over the past few years that to have it be real just makes it more painful. Sometimes I wish we were back to it not being real. My grandfather was my hero. He was in WWII and worked hard his whole life. I can only hope to be like him in my lifetime. I miss you grandpa.

Both sides together.

My grandfather's side alone...

Katie placing the flag!


mdmhvonpa said...

Hopefully, you will pass on Grampa's memory so that our next generation will understand that our forefathers were of the greatest generation.

Judy said...

Cry all you need to, my love. To grieve is healthy. I sometime wish I had such a hero in my life. You were blessed with a wonderful man for a grandfather, who was a hero in so many ways, to so many people.

sexy said...