Friday, May 02, 2008

Another one of those days

This is going to be a blah post, so feel free to skip right over it. I woke up this morning, not feeling myself. I hate those days. Just hate them. Yesterday my daughter was gay bashed at school and I am so angry about it. I feel so powerless. I hate those kids that did it. 2 seperate incidents! At least the teacher that heads up their GSA is going to the principal about it, but I want to storm in there and demand that they do something to make my daughter SAFE! It doesn't help that she is really struggling with normal teen stuff....peers and fitting in, but then to get this on top of it just put her over the edge. To see her tear stained face when I picked her up just about broke my heart. I am learning though, that I can't just rush and help, I have to let her work things out for herself. Don't read that I won't do something if I think it needs parental assistance, but I feel as though the real power she gets is taking the issue and doing something about it. It's that tightrope balancing act that we as parents have to do with our teens. I will be talking with the advisor to see where he got with administration, but if that doesn't work, then the head of the LGBTQ Center that she goes to, Cheryl and I will be heading in to speak with the principal. I really hope that it doesn't have to escalate any further than that. Anyway, good thoughts for our up and coming queer kids are appreciated. Kids can be so cruel can't they?

This whole thing of course set off her colitis and she missed work. They were so good about it, but she just started and I hate to see her lose her job. When I talked with the manager this morning (went in to get my coffee) she said that if she had shown up to work sick, they would have sent her home. I felt better about that.

So, back to me. I am just feeling blah today. Worrying about the world and everyone in it. I would like to just sit back and read, but Katie is off today and we are working on a secret project (Can't tell you just yet)! So, I am off to face the world.



Judy said...

Yes, kids can be cruel little pricks. You have to wonder how they're being brought up at home. If I found out my children were being so heartless, I'd be mortified. Too bad other parents don't feel so embarassed.

mdmhvonpa said...

kids ... so mean!

Cass said...

argh - kids suck!!! Who in the world lets their kids grow up with these ideas?

Sooo glad to be an adult and be able to give the finger freely to the guy who calls me a bitch and feel nothing further. :)

Tough Days.

These too will pass - eventually.